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"The aim of Gold Rush AR  is to bring our love of the outdoors to others. We believe that adventure racing places people in situations where the best human qualities can be displayed. To further this view, we organize events, compete, and attempt to encourage others to join the sport through example, training sessions, and clinics."

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Gold Rush Mother Lode - 4 day Adventure Race     Entry Form
The Gold Rush Mother Lode is the ultimate  Adventure challenge. It is a multi-day expedition adventure race put on in central California by GoldRush AR
September 8th/11th  2011:  Gold Rush Mother Lode. 
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Gold Rush Summer Challenge   - 6 hour race      Entry Form
Gold Rush Summer Challenges are shorter distance events; approximatly 6 hours for teh winning teams. While fast and competitive at the front the events also make great training or introductory events.
 June  4th 2011:  Summer Challenge 6 Hour. 
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Clinics and training
Gold Rush  presents training clinics for experienced and beginning adventure racers. See the fornt page or contact us for details...
Other Events
GoldRush AR  members are competing in adventure and ultra endurance races throughout the year ..