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Adventure racing Tips

Sleep Monsters:

I used to stay off coffee for 3 weeks or a month before a big race in hopes that the caffeine would have more effect . I think it helped a bit but now I drink too much coffee for it to give me much of a buzz! I always found that I could manage easily till about 1am then battle it till about 3 am, take 5 or 10 minutes shut eye and that would get me thru till the first glimmer of dawn at 5:30 and with the light I would have no more problems. It gets tougher as I age! In a multi day I have come to the conclusion that you are better getting a bit of sleep than trying to battle thru the fog. If you ever get the chance (such as being a CP crew) to watch racers who are sleep deprived, you will see just how slow they go! Take an hours sleep and catch those sleepless teams in about 2 hours and then pull ahead of them all day!